The Secret to Connecting with Your Audience: Resonance

May 19, 2023 | 4 min read

Are you chasing vanity metrics or looking to genuinely connect with your audience? While there’s nothing wrong with retweets, shares, likes, etc., engagement doesn’t equal connection. You can’t trade upvotes for conversions. To convert your audience, you need to connect with them on a human level, and that’s where resonance comes in.

What is Resonance?

Simply put, it’s when two things vibrate together in harmony. In music, that means creating a sound that’s more beautiful than the sum of its parts. The individual notes amplify and reinforce one another. They resonate and create a link.

Ideas work the same way. Certain ideas resonate or connect with specific groups. They sound like they’re naturally for and of that audience. Investment ideas resonate with financial people; travel content connects with folks planning a vacation, and so on. It isn’t a matter of using jargon, though; it's creating genuine person-to-person connection points and links that captivate specific communities. That's what our idea of resonance aims to fill.

What is a Resonance Score?

Now, when we talk about resonance, we're diving into psychology, not plucking strings on an instrument. And the core piece of info our A/B testing engine provides is the Resonance Score, a grade that predicts how well your message will align with your audience.

Higher score = a message that resonates and connects better.

We calculate your score by looking at the similarities between different beliefs and ideas, examining how they fit together and reflect each other in terms of values, emotions and psychology. It's all about finding that connection and the way we do it is to measure across nearly 90 social and psychological dimensions – in seconds.

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How does CulturePulse predict your message will connect with your audience?

The score is all well and good, but how is it different from using tools that utilize machine learning to find language patterns and produce content that social media platforms crave? Easy. Social media algorithms aren’t built to nurture connections (unfortunately); they’re designed to be toxic and addictive, promoting the provocative, the negative, and the extreme to capture attention.

Attention isn’t connection.

Relying on machine learning and engagement metrics like upvotes and retweets leads to replicating what already exists on those platforms and becoming part of the noise. And if you’re introducing something new to the market, you’re at even more of a disadvantage with that approach because there may not even be engagement metrics for what you’ve created.

Stepping away from benchmarking everything against vanity metrics though, and stepping into benchmarking based on the interests and psychological profiles of your audience, allows you to do something truly innovative. Take Reddit, for instance. People already form their own little communities called subreddits, and that's where we dive in further. By analyzing all the posts and comments, sometimes millions of them, using our algorithm, we’re able to tap into the pulse of these communities. We create audience profiles based on culture, values, morality and more, not purely language. And with a more human-focused algorithm, we’re able to look at how people connect with people – then predict what’s likely to work best in the future.

Are you going to get fewer upvotes? Maybe. Are you going to create a meaningful connection with your audience that gets you closer to your business goals? Certainly. It’s about meeting someone where they are, human to human, and injecting that language into your messaging.

What’s Your Priority?

It goes back to the question at the top, are you after vanity metrics or connection? Likes or conversions?

By understanding the ideas that resonate and tailoring messages to your specific community, you'll forge genuine connections and reach your target audience like never before. Stop chasing engagement and shares, start creating messages that connect and convert.

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